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Taking Notes with <iA Writer>

Posted on 2 mins read

Updated at 2018-04-05

This is gonna be a never ending blog, since the past years I was change the way of taking notes VERY frequently, and NEVER EVER met one can pleased me at every aspect so I don’t expect that any more. This post is about to try to figure out what I was doing and thinking during the past(and future) time of choosing tools for taking notes.

2018-04-01: From Evernote to Bear


  • Code syntax
  • Themes
  • Spell checking
  • iPad split screen
  • Workflow automation
  • Export multiple formats
  • Drawing on iOS devices
  • Embed image
  • ::Highlight::
  • Embed files
  • Todo
  • #bb4100
  • URL Scheme for iOS and Mac App

2018-04-04: From Bear to iA Writer


Feature Bear iA Writer
Storage iCloud SQLite iCloud Markdown
Price $15/Year $5 + $30 Forever
Image Yes Yes
Instant Sync Yes Yes
Code Syntax Yes
  • Computer: VS Code
  • iOS: Git2Go
  • Spell Checking Yes Yes
    VS Code No Yes
    Themes Yes Yes, Customizable
  • Markdown
  • PDF
  • JPG
  • HTML
  • DOCX
  • Markdown
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • DOCX
  • HTML No Yes
    Table No Yes
    iOS Workflow Yes Yes(Edit file in Workflow’s folder)
    Drawing Yes No
    Color #bb4100 (in preview)
    IFTTT/Flow/API No Possible(By using MS Flow SSH Function)
    Tasks Progress Yes No
    Version Control No Git
  • Bear on Mac
  • Bear on iOS
  • VS Code
  • iA Writer on Mac
  • CLI
  • iA Writer on iOS
  • Working Copy
  • Git2Go
  • Coda
  • Embed Files Yes Embed and display

    VS Code:

    iA Writer on Mac:

    iA Writer’s outstanding features

    • Support HTML
    <svg width="14" height="14" version="2"
        <circle cx="7" cy="7" r="7"
          stroke="none" fill="#bb4100"
    • Can be edited at any device with any text editor
    • Single files, no need to export
    • Version control and Collaborate with Git
    • Even more themes with VS Code
    • Plugins with VS Code
    • MultiMarkdown
    • Embed files, tables and images