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· 3 min read

In this post I will show you how to expose the homelab services through HAPROXY as a reversed proxy, but keep in mind this is dangerous because anyone knows the domains you setup will be able to connect your homelab directly, and if you not securely setup your firewall they can be possibly hack you and your families devices.

· 2 min read

[frp] is my choice of homelab NAT service because [others] fails me, and [v2ray] is for egress proxy. Both are very critical network services to me and I want them to run all the time, together with my router OpnSense. But OpnSense is based on FreeBSD which is not using systemd as service manager, which is new to me so I spent some time and managed to setup v2ray service, frp will be the next. This post is about how to set them up. When researching, I learnt from below articles.

· 4 min read

In China, the control is very strict for whom and what you can share on the internet, everything on internet must can be associated with a real national ID and been censored. Which is very annoying to whom have no interest about politics and only want to learn new things on the internet, because it's very slow for accessing services outside of China and vice versa, if you are lucky enough that the service has not been blocked totally 🤫.