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· 4 min read

In China, the control is very strict for whom and what you can share on the internet, everything on internet must can be associated with a real national ID and been censored. Which is very annoying to whom have no interest about politics and only want to learn new things on the internet, because it's very slow for accessing services outside of China and vice versa, if you are lucky enough that the service has not been blocked totally 🤫.

· 4 min read

As I occasionally write services for daemon processes, every time when I need I just google for it, this works most of the time. But sometimes it repeated and I haven't keep a note of those one off(I wrongly thought) services. Recently read the blog [systemd by examples] which encourage me to write down my services and share here, most usefully hope I can copy them once needed, from here.

· 3 min read

I used to setup my homelab kubernetes cluster with [Rancher] and [rke], both are products of Rancher. Honestly I haven't spent too much time on both. Until recently I want to setup kubernetes cluster, again. So I goto Rancher's website found that they have another product: RKE2.