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Learning TypeScript

· One min read

Some of the notes are take from the book Programming TypeScript

The keying-in operator

type APIResponse = {
user: {
userId: string;
friendList: {
count: number;
friends: {
firstName: string;
lastName: string;

type FriendList = APIResponse['user']['friendList']

The keyof operator

type ResponseKeys = keyof APIResponse // 'user'
type UserKeys = keyof APIResponse['user'] // 'userId' | 'friendList'
type FriendListKeys = keyof APIResponse['user']['friendList'] // 'count' | 'friends'

Mapped Types

Companion Object Pattern

in the same scope, you can have the same name bound to both a type and a value. It lets you group type and value information that’s semantically part of a single name (like Currency) together. It also lets consum‐ ers import both at once:

import {Currency} from './Currency'